Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Digifast Gadgets Heading to Japan!

Digifast has made leap and stride to Japan market lately! We have been busy working with our Japanese business partner to collaborate on bringing our awesome product to the Asia shore. We do not want to tease too much, however customer can looking forward to finding our product very soon to be carry in Japan. Therefore, even our fans in Japan region will be able to enjoy our blazing performance SSD goodness soon! Digifast has seen demand growing globally, hence it is our top priority to make sure we’re available in a wide range of region to support those needs. For more information on which platform you will be able to find us on, please follow our social media! You will be the first to notify. As our latest news and product info always get release on there first. More social media info please visit our website at! 

Digifast Fresh Appearance at COMPUTEX 2019

This year at Computex 2019 Digifast will make an appearance via our Taiwanese partner’s booth! Be sure to check us out at the booth J0517A in Hall 1. Our newest product will be on display at the show, which feature our latest RGB M.2 solid state drive. It combines the blazing performance of our SSD with the dazzling color of RGB for gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, there are many other storages related product information that can be found out at our booth on the Computex show. Couple other interesting addition to the Digifast line up are M.2 Docking and enclosure device. Be sure to follow our social media to know the latest product update from Digifast! (Social media link can be found on our website.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Blazing Speed Meets Brilliant Colors

Digifast is releasing a new series of M.2 SSD device on top of our Ace series product line. The two new M.2 SSD range will be dub as the Knight series and Chevron series. Those two new series still possess the industry competitive specs and speed. Additionally, those two provide brilliant spectrum of RGB color, which is the main differentiation between them and Ace series. These unique colorful M.2 SSD are perfect match for your equipment whether user is passionate gamer or corporate professionals. We’re confident our users are going to love our offering, as Digifast backing those products with three-year warranty. Power by state of the art Phison PS5012-E12/E12C internals, and available in different options in 512GB and 1TB capacity. We welcome everyone come check them out in person, as Digifast will be showcasing them at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Southern California. For more information on the products and specification detail please visit 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Come Experience BIG League Grand Final with Digifast

Digifast is excited to announce that we will be at the Bloody Invitational Gaming Finale (BIG League) taking place on the evening of April 27th. We will be one of the sponsors at the event and supporting the League of Legend final. This event will take place in City of Industry, California and feature two well established E-Sport team within the League of Legend community. One of the finalists will be UCI Esports who boast respectable pedigree in League of Legends and Overwatch. The other finalist is Radiance League of Legend team, which formerly known as Buff Katarina. Radiance pool with talented player and hungry for the prize, which shape BIG League grand final to be a match that passionate Esport fan cannot afford to miss! The event will be a best of 5 showdown and will be live cover by different online platform such as Twitch. We courage you to attend the grand final live in person to experience the Esport atmosphere and visit our booth to see what we offer! For more information on BIG LEAGUE grand final visit our partner and event host Other news and update on Digifast please follow our social media platforms and website! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Digifast Heading to E3 at Los Angeles Convention Center!

Digifast is thrilled to announce that we will be participating in this year’s E3 convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center! Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is a large annual entertainment expo that typically held in downtown Los Angeles.  We will be showcasing our Digifast ACE series of M.2 SSD, and our RGB series of SSD that display brilliant spectrum of color for your equipment. Visitor will be able to find us at booth 2647 near the northern side of the venue. Additionally, Digifast will also present a variety of PC peripheral such as M.2 copier, gaming mouse mat, and others to cater to PC gamer’s taste. The expo will take place between June 11th thru June 13th and showcase industry’s finest offering in electronics, technology, and major games titles. We sincerely invite you to come join us at this major event, as there will be prizes and goodies giveaway onsite. For more information on how to participate feel free to visit official E3 website. Other information relates to Digifast at E3 please visit our social medias and website at

Monday, February 11, 2019

Digifast Team Up with Bloody Gaming to Provide Lag Free Experience!

                Digifast is thrilled to announce that starting this year we will be working with Bloody Gaming. Bloody Gaming is a well-known gaming equipment company with heritage trace all the way back since 1987. They primarily focus on PC gaming equipment ranging from keyboard, mice, and others related accessories. Furthermore, they’re a team who are deeply passionate about the culture and community of gaming. We’re excited to be able to collaborate with a company that have an excellent core value that strive to impact youth in positive way.

                Look out in the near future on our site for exciting PC gaming equipment that will help you unleash your full potential on the battlefield. Digifast along with Bloody are join forces to provide you industry-leading innovation that will elevate your gaming experience to the level. Keyboard are equivalent like vehicle to a racing driver, as it is a crucial extension of the gamer. It serves as an important tool to help gamer to succeed in their gaming and aid them to achieve victory whether in casual or competitive environment.

                We welcome you to try out for yourself, as fellow gaming enthusiast we assure you will notice the difference compare to traditional mechanical keyboards. Delay is the biggest enemy of every gamer, and we strive to help you combat that enemy! Share your experience with us via social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Stay update to date with Digifast by connect with us on our social media for events and holiday promotion.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Speed is the Name of the Game

    This year Digifast is excited to announce the news that we will be retailing M.2 NVMe SSD device, which is powered by Phison 5012-E12 IC controller. We’re confident that this device will be powerful enough for all your computing needs ranging from gaming to professional usage. As the gaming world continue to evolve, thus the computing demand are steadily increasing as well. Therefore, the proper processor speed is extremely crucial for gaming experience. Customer can confidently choose this product knowing it will provide blazing speed with zero delay. Digifast wish to empower the fun in your gaming experience, and everyone know lag is a trait that is never associate with fun! Whether you’re a causal gamer or professional gamer, it is important to make sure your hardware is up to par that allow you to unleash your skills.  Keep an eye out on our social media for future raffle and prizes giveaway, as this year we will have more events that reward and giveback to our dedicated followers! For more social media info and how we stop bullying visit our website at